His thoughts are always higher
Julius Serina

After NAC, I had a longing in my heart to stay in Toronto but I was not sure if it was just emotion surging or something else. When I got back to Alberta, I asked God to settle my heart for I don't want emotion to guide me. Everytime I pray, I always have this vision of an arrow being pulled back and released then a wine bottle the corck pop out then new wine started flowing. I could never understood what it meant so i just wrote it and kept it in my heart. As I go through what happened to NAC again, there was that call in my heart again, it was as if as the churches was realesed to marry the Land there was also this personal release in my life. It was a familiar call 5 years back on my journey to Reconcilation with my father, at that point I started praying and planning my journey back to Mississauga.

At that time, tito Dan and tita Tanette had a change on their schedule and decided to visit Calgary. Before they left, not knowing they were just here for a short time, I decided to asked my boss for an early leave to say goodbye to them along with tito Eric. It was during that moment when they prayed for me that all my plans have changed. It was suddenly clear to me what my visions meant. And my plan of coming back to Toronto next year, turned into coming back in 3 weeks. A few days after they left, Job offers from Toronto opened up to me, my brother called asking if I want to come back to help him out here in Toronto and I said yes. As overwhleming as it was, and unsure about the outcome of this journey,  I asked my Youth, Pastors, and Elders at Calgary for their blessings and knowingly that this day will come, they released me with their Love.

As I traveled back, I had to cancel one job offer because I got delayed on my journey and then I did not get the second job offer. Not knowing what will happen now, I continued to pray.  I waited patiently and held on to His promise that if I obey and follow everything he will prepare for me. Last tuesday,  I had an interview at my brother's job soI prayed and asked God for his wisdom and guidance. During the interview, they were unsure of taking me as I can hear them from the other side of the office due to my experiences in my resume. At that moment I simply bowed and whispered a prayer "Lord I leave it all to you, let your will be done". As the interview continued, he simply asked if I had a question for him. I was simply led to ask two things: what is the starting wage and when do i start? And he simply smiled and said i'll just put you on the system and you can start on monday. God is truly great. His commands might be overwhleming sometimes and sudden but as he has said in his word: Isaiah 55:8-9 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Praise the Lord!

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